Soccer Training

Soccer is a sport that requires a high demand of aerobic endurance along with high intensity bursts of strength, power, and balance. Since soccer is continuous with very little stoppage in time, all three energy systems must be trained accordingly.

Soccer workouts should train the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative energy systems. The phosphagen
system will kick in almost immediately providing the body with energy; however, this system is only
sustainable in full capacity for about 6 seconds and is fully depleted by 30 seconds. For example, when
having to sprint to the ball to clear on defense or take a shot on goal. The glycolytic system starts to kick
in around 15 seconds and is running on all cylinders by 30 seconds and last up to a minute. After a
minute of continuous physical demand, thee oxidative system will be in effect.

Soccer training with Donato Sports Performance’s comprehensive off-season program will not only include the training of these systems through flexibility training, core training, balance training, plyometrics training, speed training, agility training, resistance training, and sports specific conditioning, your athlete will learn what it means to become a leader on and off the field of competition.

Having experience as a player, coach, trainer, and parent; families who entrust their athletes to Donato Sports Performance should know that the well-being, and safety of their child comes first. The other crucial aspect of our soccer training system is the mentorship that the athletes will receive. They will learn real life skills and leadership development qualities that they will use for the rest of their lives. Becoming a stronger, faster, more capable athlete is a great short-term goal and with commitment and attendance, those goals will be accomplished.

Having a relatable mentor who truly cares about not only the athlete, but the person is our goal to each family that trains with Donato Sports Performance.

Recommended Package

Off-Season - $1,225.00

3-4 workouts per week (depending on experience) for 12 weeks leading up to desired season. This is a fully integrated sports performance program which includes: Flexibility Training, Cardiorespiratory Training, Core Training, Balance Training, Plyometrics Training, Speed/Agility/Quickness Training, Multiplanar Resistance Training, and Sports
Specific Conditioning.