“Though the physical gains from Donato Sports Performance could never be replaced, the mental aspect is even more important. The interaction between Mike and the athletes he trains is something that is truly unique. Mike Donato became a role model to me. He always said that the stuff we learn and go through during competition is so much more important off the field than on the field. Mike stressed the importance of leadership, perseverance, hard work, and believing in oneself; attributes that are not only important during football but also important in life. I took everything I learned from Mike during workouts and translated that into how I live my life. As I do homework and study for tests, I could not help but think of how Mike always stressed attention to detail and the importance of doing a job right. I could not help but finish all of my work even if I didn’t want to. Constantly I think to myself, “what would Mike say if he saw me right now?” Regardless of whether I am working out by myself or studying for school, I never can accept defeat. I cannot just give up or slack off on a few reps during a workout. I cannot just put off homework or study haphazardly. Thinking back on all of the different workouts with Mike that I genuinely thought I could never do, accepting mediocrity was not an option anymore. It gave me a competitive drive that I take to my life in general, not just working out. I view studying and doing the right thing just as I viewed workouts with Mike. 

I do not think anyone could comprehend what I truly mean until he/she meets and works with Mike Donato. Not only does he push you to your limits and help you succeed, he does so with a genuine, carrying attitude. Yes, his workouts are extremely tough and at some points just downright cruel, but he always justifies why he is making us do the things we do. He talks about how running that extra sprint, or finishing that workout on a day when you are tired directly translates to how one lives his/her life. He teaches us never to give up or accept defeat in any facet of life. All in all, Mike proved to be much more than your typical “trainer”. He not only made me into a better athlete, he helped me become better person too.”


Mike Donato