“As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. When our son, J.J. McCarthy, was in fifth grade, he had dreams of being a professional football and hockey player. At a young age, he knew the only way he could achieve his dreams was to get good grades and train harder than everyone else. My wife Megan and I sought out a mentor that would not only train our son’s core, speed & strength, but also train his mind. This is when we found Mike Donato, founder of Donato Sports Performance, and Mike has been an amazing influence in J.J.’s life ever since.

Being a D1 quarterback and a professional player after college himself, we knew this would be a great fit for our son as he was determined to be a quarterback. Mike’s personal experience has helped J.J. develop and grow in the quarterback position, but he also has helped JJ learn how to push himself beyond his comfort zone, both physically and mentally. We have seen J.J. grow exponentially in his physical abilities as well as his mental toughness. Even on hot summer days or after a long day at school, J.J. has never hesitated to go to work with Mike. Mike has shaped J.J.’s passion to train hard and better himself every day. And Mike is always there for J.J. when he needs advice or someone else to talk to after a game. We truly appreciate what Mike Donato has done for our son.

Donato Sports Performance continues to be a huge factor in helping our son work towards his goals. J.J. is the first one to say he never would have received a D1 scholarship offer or had the ability to play AAA Hockey prior to his high school career if it wasn’t for Mike.

I would recommend Mike Donato for any type of sport or training regimen that your child needs. Mike is the best at delivering the message in a way that kids respect and understand. He has a gift for helping kids understand how to challenge themselves and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Megan and I are so thankful to have found Donato Sports Performance for our son.”


Mike Donato